Q. How much shall I get back from private health fund?

A. Well, your policies vary . The common amounts are $100, $53,$35,$33,  and $15.80

Q.How does acupuncture work?

A.Acupuncture is a  genuine treatment for diseases. Beginning of acupuncture could be back to 200 BC. Acupuncture is a unit in China’s hospitals. It has been accepted by many countries.

Q. Could acupuncture be helpful weight loss?

A.Certainly, in China, acupuncture could fix about 300 diseased in eleven body systems. Acupuncture is using sterilised needling into your acu-points to change your body type of energy in order to burn your fat. One serial treatment about eight sections of acupuncture could lose approximately 10 kilo. 40% off for initial acupuncture with consultation.

Q.Do you a give herbal medicine as well?

A.Yea, I do. I am a Chinese herbalist.

Q.Is a acupuncture needle single use only?

A. Yes. It is .


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